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10th Annual Whalefest Monterey Jan 25-26, 2020

January 25 - January 26

Art and Science Coral Restoration Symposium | Whalefest Monterey

Colleen Flanigan, Living Sea Sculpture/ UCSC. “Art and Science for Coral Reef Restoration”

The 10th Annual Whalefest Monterey Symposium held both days at the Monterey Conference Center, will include Colleen Flanigan and many more outstanding presentations by renowned marine science experts

Colleen will share about her transdisciplinary, collaborative work in coral reef restoration uniting art, science, education, and technology in Cozumel, Mexico, and her investigation at UCSC to determine how we can provide aesthetic and functional habitat to help revive our dying coral reef ecosystems, stimulate biodiversity, and protect our shores. “Art as Ecology” – art created with and for nature – as a means to drive transformation from our destructive economies towards those that create a world for coral reefs to flourish. She’ll show how this project in Mexico has reached many new audiences outside of traditional science communities and serves as a catalyst for change and growth.

Colleen Flanigan is a socio-ecological artist with degrees in Design and Metals. Through visual, performing, and biological arts, she investigates contemporary issues of species endangerment and ecosystem regeneration, specifically working to restore degraded coral reefs and marine biodiversity. For the past 15 years she been exploring ways to bridge the gap between quantitative scientific approaches to environmental issues and hands-on, life-saving actions by evolving the concepts of “art as ecology” and interactivism. Bringing together multiple disciplines in collaboration, she stands for inviting the artistic method – a combination of sensory vision, playful imagination, and maker intelligence – into global solutions.

She has initiated sculptural coral habitats in Bali and Mexico, including a DNA helical form for an underwater museum in Cozumel. Presently she is working at the UCSC Marine labs on R&D for new reef and shore protection projects with support from the Scintilla Foundation.

See the full list of Symposium presentations with speaker bios here.

See more details about Whale Fest Monterey here.



Monterey Conference Center
1 Old Fisherman's Warf
Monterey, CA 93940 United States
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