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Press Release: Diving, Art, and Ocean Stewardship Come Together for a Unique Ocean Experience

Dive & Draw 2020 | Cozumel, Mexico | March 22 – 26 Diving, Art, and Ocean Stewardship Come Together for a Unique Ocean Experience FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 6, 2020 Organizer: Colleen Flanigan Living Sea Sculpture, LLC. 503-887-7650 What: Read more…

VR Google Tiltbrush Dragon by Colleen Flanigan

Dextra VR Summit

VR Summit in VR | Colleen Flanigan VR Artist in residence, Google Speaker.
TiltBrush is changing the way art happens. Now no more is the brush just a 2D device, artists can now create entire handcrafted landscapes using the power of TiltBrush. Listen to our experts discuss some of their work in VR.

ArtPrize Graphic Waterscapes

ArtPrize 10 | 2018

Zoe is livestreaming along with photos of the project for #ArtPrize10 | 2018

Lucky we connected with Water Colors Aquarium Gallery for this unique opportunity to share our mutual love of corals, the ocean, and art.

Visit if you’re in Grand Rapids, MI. You can learn more about the work and event here.

Cast your first vote at an ArtPrize venu, then vote from anywhere in the world!

Coral sexual reproduction in wet lab image

Coral Reproduction In Wet Labs | Chris Page- MOTE Labs and Colleen Flanigan

Listen in as coral biologist Christopher Page of MOTE Marine Labs and our Head Visionary Zoaista, socio-ecological artist Colleen Flanigan, as they discuss new methods for coral regeneration, sexual reproduction in wet labs, and artistic designs for reefscapes.

Puffer Fish and Porites Coral at artificial reef restoration project Cozumel

See Zoe Coral Reef Restoration Project Progress Images

Artificial reef in Cozumel Mexico | Updates, monitoring, documenting reef progress. Manuel Jesus Couoh Caamal, has been taking pictures of Zoe every day of his work at Sand Dollar Sports Dive Shop in Cozumel. I’m so thankful for his commitment to helping monitor the growth of this coral restoration project in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.