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Living Sea Sculpture is an artistically rooted sister to the scientifically established Global Coral Reef Alliance.  LSS is an inclusive organization implementing interdisciplinary collaborations for coastal restoration and progressive thinking for longterm relationships with resources, other species, and the environment.  Electrolytic mineral accretion is a proven reef rehabilitation method.  It addresses rising water temperatures and increasing acidity by providing an alkaline buffer zone and natural limestone substrate for marine organisms, corals and oysters, for example, to colonize in the shifting ocean environments.  Art, science, and technology are united in this life support.

LSS integrates aesthetics and function at the human/ocean interface: it is art as ecology. This website is a platform for discussion and action, a place where constructive conversations about reef solutions, marine ecosystems, art, process, philosophy can happen in informal, casual interactions to build deeper connections towards real-world projects. Through dialogue, sharing and consulting, we can embark on new creative ecological adventures.  I love to make art, especially this unique living art, which requires permits, cultivators, and commitment in order to thrive.

Volunteers play a vital role in our community.  From offering photos and videos of reefs around the world, to reaching out and hosting events, to designing new products that can support our mission, LSS is appreciative of your skills and contributions. Do you want to help restore a reef? Future success requires the building of invested partnerships in regions ready to grow their own coral conservatory, sustainable fish farm, permeable breakwater, or one-of-a-kind Living Sea Sculpture.

Whether motivated by feelings or facts, images or words, we need a fusion of metaphors, cultural realities, explanations and practical opportunities for giving and receiving the inspiration and courage to cultivate corals and mutual symbiosis in the Anthropocene.

Contact Colleen Flanigan if you would like to discuss volunteering or initiating a project. email: misssnailpail@gmail.com        phone: +1 (503) 887-7650                          Empowering originality for life-saving action through the Arts

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