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With coral reefs in deep decline from climate change, ocean acidification, development, and disease, it’s a challenging design problem to meet the needs of these ancient organisms. Though showing some resilience, coral reefs are in crisis from frequent bleaching events and die-offs.


Living Sea Sculpture is an artistic organization which collaborates with scientific institutions, universities and researchers, private and public foundations, and all stakeholders in regenerating corals for the health and sustainable economy of the planet. Check out our latest project livestreaming at zoecoral.com. 

LSS is inclusive, implementing interdisciplinary solutions and explorations for coastal restoration and progressive thinking for longterm relationships with natural resources, other species, and the environment. Electrolytic mineral accretion (electrocology) is a long-known method to produce natural limestone substrate for corals to colonize and marine biodiversity to aggregate. It addresses rising water temperatures and increasing acidity by providing an alkaline buffer zone for endangered corals and oysters to build their calciferous exoskeletons in the shifting ocean environments. Art, science, and technology are united in this life support currently being used by LSS.

LSS integrates aesthetics and function at the human/ocean interface : Art as Ecology. In our hands-on approach to this global epidemic, we implement the artistic method – sensory vision, playful imagination, and maker intelligence. Working in tandem with science, policy makers, businesses, and the general public, we build deeper connections, communicate, and inspire successful leaps towards real-world projects and actions that heal our oceans. We need to invite everyone to be a part of this movement.

Volunteers and investors play a vital role in our community. We invite people of all backgrounds to join in the solutions. LSS needs your skills and contributions. Do you want to help restore a reef? Future success requires the building of partnerships in regions ready to grow their own coral conservatory, sustainable fish farm, permeable breakwater, or one-of-a-kind Living Sea Sculpture. We have worked with Autodesk, TED, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), to name a few of our diverse collaborators. 

Tax-deductible donations currently accepted hereZoe- A Living Sea Sculpture

Whether motivated by feelings or facts, images or words, we need a fusion of metaphors, cultural realities, explanations and practical opportunities for giving and receiving the inspiration and courage to cultivate corals and mutual symbiosis in the Anthropocene.

Contact Colleen Flanigan if you would like to discuss volunteering or initiating a project. email: misssnailpail@gmail.com        phone: +1 (503) 887-7650                          Empowering originality for life-saving action through the Arts

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