Heating up – Front lines of Climate Change

With Jason Scorse, Director of Center for Blue Economy. photo by Colleen Flanigan
A chance to hear Bill McKibben of 350.org¬†popped up. No one wanted to sit in the front row, but I DID! To think, if only oil companies and governments had invested in renewable energy 25 years ago…He quoted scientists from a couple years ago saying, “Our oceans will be hot, sour, and breathless,” in regards to the rate we are pumping carbon into the sea. We’re already at 403ppm. We have no time to waste.

BUT, in the shadow of that gravity, it was completely motivating and inspiring, the way he delivers his vital message. Seeing all the powerful images of people in places like Haiti, the Maldives, the Marshall Islands, China, and India using mass scale public art and other creative ways to stake their claim to “350” parts per million as our limit to carbon emissions against the backdrop of the stern reality was moving. I have cried the biggest shame about the US (the government, not the people) pulling out of the Paris Agreement. It’s a crime against the planet – humanity and all life.

And still, I didn’t walk out feeling depressed, as I easily could. Bill called upon people to get their solar panels up, divest of fossil fuels, and get arrested if you’re retired! Don’t leave it all to the next generations. We have to keep fighting the pipelines and violence against Earth and each other. He’s a true hero and leader. And he offered to connect me with some renewable people for the coral cause. With corals being so temperature sensitive and slow to adapt, I feel the heat.