Breathing Sculpture

U-Ram Choe creates artworks that capture an aliveness and qualities of graceful organisms by using metals, plastics, and the latest in computer programming technologies. Based in Korea, he is inspired by…

I started this post awhile ago, but perfectionism, thus procrastination, got in the way.  I promised to write a post once a week, and it has been a month since I last posted.  I am going to post whatever I write in these next 10 minutes knowing full well that edits and revisions are important for certain clarity, but what if sometimes I can just share whatever is on my mind and be more real and in the moment, as if I’m in casual conversation.

I had a major artcrush on this sculpture that I sadly missed seeing when it was on view at the Asia Society here in NY last year.  There is an Iran Modern show opening there today that looks interesting.  You have until January 5th to visit.
I reached out to U-Ram in an email because his video, with the music and caring way it was filmed, I felt like I could touch a bit of what I want to bring to life through a project.  I imagined taking a trip to Korea to visit his studio and meet his creative team.  It was a moment of feeling like you have found kin through an inspirational expression of matter.

The work I’m developing is different in form and content, except for the fact that breathing and making something inanimate seem alive ties them together.  His mastery of mechanics with those fluidly undulating gears.  What can I say?  It’s ultra sexy metalwork.

If you are not familiar with this incredible artist’s works, you can find more about him here.